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Goodfuse: Humanity Infused Communications

By Olga Fleming, CEO, Goodfuse

Y&R PR is now Goodfuse! Today we start anew with branding that we believe reinforces our ethos and point of view on communications. You will hear us talking about Humanity Infused Communications, and Human to Human Communications. For us, it’s all about communicating with humanity. Person to person. What we call H2H.  

How we got here 

I founded Y&R PR in 2013 under the BCW Group of companies and operated the agency by always putting people first. Our colleagues. Our clients. The people and audiences we communicate with. And while the name Y&R PR has served us incredibly well, after the year we’ve experienced, we wanted to lean into our true identity.  

So, what’s Goodfuse? 

To ‘goodfuse’ communications means to make it human – it means that we can create programming that is strategic, emotional, and utterly differentiated. Our goal is that Goodfuse will be recognized not only as an agency, but as a new way of thinking about communications, one that considers people’s beliefs, feelings, experiences and intentions not just with data but with empathy to spark impactful conversations around brands and companies. 

Feels like Home to me 

Internally, nothing is changing. Goodfuse will continue to guide and partner with clients through the most challenging communications territories. We will continue to make companies and products more relevant in the hearts and minds of audiences by Goodfusing communications.  

For our company and culture, we feel like we have come into our own. We are a family, unbound by structures, so creative ideas and real emotions are born from everything we do. Because we talk and think differently about communications. We start with our passion for communication, add empathy to connect with humans, pour in energy to break through the boredom and noise, and nurture our programs to grow as sustaining business solutions. We are driven by the ambition to deliver meaningful results for our clients. Our culture has energy. It sparks action. It leaves a lasting emotional impact.  

Welcome Gregg! 

We are also expanding our family by adding Gregg Trueman, a 30-year communications veteran and Founder of Humanize, an agency that delivered digital and technology solutions that compassionately connected with people. As Executive Vice President, Creative + Technology solutions, Gregg will fuse heartfelt communications with humanized design, representing a new model for the breakthrough work we will be creating for our clients. 

We’ve always fused humanity into everything we do, from traditional and social communications to media relations, advocacy work, and now with the capabilities Gregg brings to the team, we can begin to humanize the full spectrum of digital creative and technology solutions, including websites, app development, chat bots, and artificial intelligence.  

We will be sharing so much more on Goodfuse.com. Follow us on social media for exciting updates: LinkedIn and Instagram. Thank you for being on this ride with us! Looking forward to talking about all that’s good!