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It's all about communicating with real humanity.

Person to person.
H2H communication.

Clients engage us to simplify. Humanize.

Make something good far better. And get it right, and remarkable, right away.

Meet an award-winning agency wholly-integrated for these times.


Goodfuse creates Human to Human (H2H) communications that make companies and their products far more relevant in the hearts and minds of their audiences.

Goodfuse is a high-touch boutique agency designed to guide clients through the most challenging communications territories. With a seasoned, hands-on senior team, and full-spectrum, fully integrated capabilities. Digital to traditional, media relations to public affairs. Goodfuse is a member of the BCW Group of companies, which is part of WPP (NYSE:WPP), a creative transformation company.


How Real Human-to-Human Communicating Works

By genuinely empathizing with drug "wearing off" syndrome. Especially with people who can barely articulate. We created a program where drawings were used to tell their stories, share their experiences.

Our understanding on this fully human level enabled the Company to give people living with Parkinson's a vital, desired voice for their feelings.

In-depth research led us to do a simple truth – when a person is diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, they don't feel they have a voice to advocate for themselves. So we launched the first streaming radio station – WMBC Radio – dedicated to sharing stories and resources to help people living with mBC find their voice.

Opening a large, grateful ray of needed openness to hopefulness for many. Integrating all the human intangibles of mind and heart – ones no one can ever model or measure – led to a remarkably positive outcome.

This household name company wanted to put personality behind its executives, so we didn't look at what their customers wanted to hear, but what they wanted to feel. That this multinational corporation cared about them and the problems they faced every day.

We created a LinkedIn series from executives that showed the c-suite "got-it." Achieving honest connections, trust, and understanding from c-suite to customer allowed for breakthrough leadership.

This is communications goodfused.

What's Good

Episode 15

Using Comedy to Connect and Bring Joy in Hard Times

This week on the New Abnormal, Goodfuse CEO Olga Fleming is joined by Saranne Rothberg, CEO of ComedyCures, an award-winning nonprofit that produces live events and digital programs, that bring joy-filled, therapeutic entertainment to kids and grown-ups living with illness, depression, trauma, and disabilities.


Jul 09, 2021

Abigail Obre named Alum of the Month

Our newest Vice President, Abi Obre was recently profiled as Mountbatten Program’s Alum of the Month. Learn more about Abi’s incredible journey from growing up in a small fishing village in the UK to becoming a leading healthcare communications executive and how her post-University internship program was the most significant and meaningful experience that jumpstarted her career.

Mountbatten Program

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Here's a litmus test of how human your communications really are.

See how you're relating to people's actual psyches, emotions, complexities. Or leaning instead into their virtual (and artificial) personas, roles, abstract profiles.

Are your messages deeply engaging people, as people? Are they distinct and cutting through today's smog of unreality?

Are they relevant? Do the people you're seeking to engage care about what you're saying? Are you making a real difference in their lives? If we put a competitor's name and tagline on your marketing, would anyone notice?

Are you in a feeling loop with your audiences?

How well does your agency personally & actively understand you?

Getting Recognized

Peers, clients, the industry and others have been greatly and consistently recognizing our good people, good work and ever-evolving way of thinking.

Our Awards

Meet our Goodfusers

Olga FlemingCEO

I thrive on human to human interaction. I enjoy the comfort of catching up with old friends and learning fascinating things about new ones.

What I'm up to here

I founded Y&R PR, now Goodfuse, in 2013 under the BCW Group of companies. Regardless of my title I strive to be involved in client strategy across the business while fostering a special place for our team members to learn and grow.


Let's Get Real Together & Communicate With Humanity

Take the opportunity to goodfuse your marketing, your programming. Your relationship with your patients, other audiences — as flesh-and-blood people.
We'll help you make it greatly caring. Make it count in their eyes, their hearts, their minds. Make it impactful — and actionable. Keep you relevant. And have it reflect in all desired ways on you, your Company, and elsewhere where it matters.