One year ago, we set out to launch a brand that reflected our legacy and ethos: Goodfuse. Humanity Infused Communications. Our Goodfuse brand turns one: Empathy will guide our future - Goodfuse ,
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Our Goodfuse brand turns one: Empathy will guide our future

One year ago, we set out to launch a brand that reflected our legacy and ethos: Goodfuse. Humanity Infused Communications.

To us, Human to Human (H2H) Communications is about considering people’s beliefs, feelings, experiences and intentions — not just with data but with empathy and purpose. And to incorporate that awareness within every business strategy we develop, and on behalf of every client we serve. As we celebrate this first birthday of our reimagined brand, we take a moment to reflect on our journey and share our learnings with you, human to human.

We observed.

Our transformation from Y&R PR to Goodfuse came at a time when health care went from being a part of our lives to the forefront … where protocols and process of drug discovery and development came from the halls of Big Pharma to our kitchen tables. People from all walks of life were expected to become experts in health care, and it spotlighted significant gaps in health literacy and how we communicate health information. Humanity-infused communications became vitally important. People were receiving health information without the foundational knowledge to understand or contextualize data, regulatory guidance, or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention protocols. We knew we needed to better serve the public good by throwing away all the “wisdom” we had gained about how, when and why to communicate health information, and instead to embark on something unknown and new. Something rooted in listening and empathy.

We dreamed big.

By daring our teams to dream, together with our clients we have pushed the boundaries of what is possible. We encouraged cancer patients to find their voice and advocate for their treatment goals. We built websites and rebranded nonprofits. We generated awareness for up-and-coming biotech companies reimagining the future of health and wellness. By pushing our creativity and allowing ideas to flow freely, we created memorable campaigns, out of the box new business pitches and an internal culture that fostered inspirational individual growth. We can always go back to our bread and butter, the work that PR professionals are expected to do each day, but what makes Goodfuse stand out is our desire and ability to tap into each person’s unique self and come together as a dynamic team to dream. To deliver work that excites and motivates people.

We empathized.

The past year has reinforced the importance of empathy. That means empathizing with our colleagues – recognizing and accepting that today might not be someone’s day, or that someone may approach a challenge differently and embracing those differences. As a collective, we think about our communications through the experiences and journeys of our audiences and speak to them as people, not as potential customers. Our culture of Human to Human, or H2H, reinforces the belief that every person has their own story, emotions and point of view that makes them who they are. The pandemic has been one of the greatest tragedies of our lifetime. But it also reminded us of the importance of empathizing with our fellow humans, shifting our perspective on the way we interact with the world.  

What’s to come?

Our future is bright. Our legacy and centuries of combined expertise will define a generation of communications professionals. Our passionate and nurturing team will continue to infuse humanity into the important work we do, on behalf of the people we ultimately serve. Communicating without purpose should not be tolerated. It is not the message, the prose or mode of delivery that defines success, but its impact on people. Our clients will partner with us to push boundaries, innovate and create in order to inspire and motivate. For many of us, the pandemic shone a light on what matters most in life. Our Goodfuse values — exploring, listening, empathizing, interacting, observing and dreaming — encompass everything we hold dear. As we continue to live and work through the pandemic and everything it changed in our lives and perspectives, bringing empathy to all we do is not only refreshing… but necessary.