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The Goodfuse Guide: Our Favorite Things of 2020

To get in the holiday spirit, we were inspired to compile a list of our staff’s favorite things that got us through 2020! Flip the tiles to get the details.

Fender Play – Guitar Lessons App

"Being home during quarantine has given me the ability to get back to guitar playing. Though I’ve been playing since I was 12, with the Fender Play app, I’ve been able to brush up on my skills, music theory and mechanics at a comfortable, yet exciting pace."

— Nick

Starbucks Cold Brew

"Working from home in suburbia has put distance between me and my NYC Starbucks. So this year, I started buying large containers of Starbucks cold brew for my coffee fix. I’m hooked! By far my favorite item of 2020."

— Jenna

Radio Flyer Red Wagon

"The Radio Flyer little red wagon has been our go to pandemic item after recently moving from the city to the suburbs! Great for shlepping boxes during a move, this little red wagon also occupies my 2 year old for hours wheeling it around the neighborhood."

— Rachel H.

1954 Olympia Typewriter

"I’ve always wanted a working typewriter and decided that quarantine was the perfect time to buy a 1954 Olympia Typewriter. It inspires me to write every day!"

— Emily C.

Apple AirPods

"While Apple AirPods made my commutes more enjoyable in a pre-COVID world, now that I’m working from home, they allow me to block out my often too loud family and run to answer the doorbell to accept one of my many packages while on a call."

— Rachel C.

Book of the Month

"Whether you burn through several books a month or simply crack a spine here and there, Book of the Month provides 5 great hardcover options a month. Not ready for a new read or want 3, no problem – you can skip a month or add-on to your monthly box without penalty."

— Emily H.

Blockbuster Movie Board Game

"What do you get when you mix '90s nostalgia with updated movie trivia? The Blockbuster Party Game! This is a family favorite to pass the time while sitting at home. With charades-style play and rapid-fire rounds, my family was hooked for hours."

— Carina

Revlon One-step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

"This hair styler has changed my hair game. It has shortened the time it takes to dry my hair AND I get a salon look in 10-15 minutes. Game changer!"

— Olga

My kitten

"I’ve been all about comfort during the pandemic. Between my new kitten Lily, candles from DW Home or the Prophecy line of wines (the sauvignon blanc tastes like a green apple!), I’ve been cozy and comfy quarantining at home."

— Michelle

Headspace App

"The stress of 2020 has really taken a toll on all of us, and for me sometimes it’s hard to quiet my mind down at night to fall asleep. The Headspace app has guided meditations for almost anything you might be going through – from feeling overwhelmed out to waking up in the middle of the night with your mind racing. And with as little as 10 minutes per session, it’s really easy to fit some mindfulness into my daily schedule."

— Meg


"Happy sounds & good vibes! I always wanted to learn how to play the ukulele. It’s such a cheerful instrument and reminds me of happier times having late bonfires on the beach with friends after surfing all day. Teaching myself how to play helped me destress and pass the time."

— Katie

Color & Co At Home Hair Color

"#lifechanging. Color & Co At Home Hair Color has made me feel human during the pandemic. You can’t overstate the importance of looking like yourself, even while in sweatpants on Zoom!"

— Courtney


"I had been skeptical of the Peloton after last year’s “Peloton Wife,” but had always loved spin classes. When the pandemic hit, I figured this was the time to take the plunge and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I love that I can take a class on my own schedule, often fitting it in between meetings, or jump into a live class with the full One Peloton community. The music, instructors and variety of classes make it so much fun – and addicting!"

— Holly


"Having an e-bike is a transportation game-changer. My electric peddle-assist gravel bike handles off-road like fire roads or single track mountain biking trails, as well as grocery runs and scenic distance rides. And hills are no longer a slog!"

— Gregg

Makeup Fridge

"My mini skincare fridge is AMAZING at keeping my much needed face masks, moisturizers and skincare tools nice and cool 24/7. CANNOT live without it #selfcare #skincare"

— Winnie

Cuisinart Air Frier

"How did I live without one for so long? Quarantines are made to #airfry. Love my Cuisinart. #pandemicpurchase #bestchickenwings #baketoastconvectairfry #nomoreoil"

— Nancy

Bath and Body Works wallflowers

"Bath and Body Works wallflowers, specifically Rose Water & Ivy, make my small apartment become an oasis that can be changed based on season or mood. And don’t we all need our home to be a blissful, sense enhanced, escape during this time?"

— Whitney

Quarantine Pup

"My dog, Biggie, was a quarantine pup. Having him as my loyal couch companion after moving to a new city alone has saved me from a lot of solo Friday nights! He also forces me to take breaks from my laptop and get some fresh air. #DogMom."

— Sarah

Grady’s Cold Brew Coffee

"While I originally first had Grady’s coffee at the office, I discovered that I could order bottles online for home delivery. Along with keeping me well-caffeinated, it gives me a small semblance of a routine during the long days of the pandemic."

— Lauren

CamelBak 32oz Chute Mag Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

"My favorite item during the pandemic was surprisingly simple: a CamelBak water bottle. Since I work in my room, I had to constantly go up and down the stairs to refill my glass from the kitchen. But now, I always have water in my room, keeping me hydrated throughout the day as I work."

— Jason

Spotify Premium

"Music has really helped me pass the time during the pandemic, and subscribing to Spotify Premium has changed how I listen to music. I can now listen to whichever artist or genre suits my mood, and their algorithm has helped me discover new music similar to what I already like."

— Michael